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Our dental clinic focuses not only on healing but also on prevention and regular check-up examinations. We create personal care plans for our existing patients so that they can enjoy the benefits of restorations and interventions on long term, without problems.

fogászati garancia, elégedettségi garancia


  • Dental aesthetics

  • Smile designing

  • Conserving dentistry

  • Professional prosthetic works

  • Dental surgery

  • Implantology

  • Periodontology

  • Orthodontics

  • Dental hygiene – removal of tartar, consultation, tooth whitening

  • Personal care plan – prevention

We have implemented and maintain an internal quality management system to ensure the uninterrupted and environment-conscious operation of our clinic.


We offer maximum guarantee to:

  • The expertise of our physicians

    Each area of dentistry is covered by a member of our dentist team

  • The excellent quality of the materials we use for the treatments

    The most modern dental solutions = qualified base materials + the most modern technologic equipment

  • The professional execution of dental technical works

    We have had excellent work relationship with our dental technical partners for more than 10 years under the aegis of expertise

fogászati garancia, elégedettségi garancia

Guarantee periods offered by our clinic

Filling1 year
Inlay, onlay1 year
Porcelain veneer3 years
Porcelain fused to metal crown3 years
Full-ceramic and zirconium crown3 years
Removable partial or complete denture1 year
DIO implant10 years**
Nobel Biocare implantLifetime guarantee**

* If the body rejects the implant within 1 year from the date of the surgery, a new implant will be installed if perfect dental hygiene is maintained and all check-up examinations specified by the physician are attended. The guarantee does not cover the structure, the implantation dental restorations (i.e. crowns or bridges) or travel costs.

** The guarantee for implants is provided for by the implants’ manufacturers and covers any damage to the material of the implant arising from or in connection with manufacturing defects.

The guarantee does not cover the structure, the implantation dental restorations (i.e. crowns or bridges) or travel costs.

7 sections of guarantee terms and conditions:

1. After completion of the treatment, the patient undergoes dental hygienic follow-up treatment at least once every year.

2. The patient attends the biannual check-up examinations (i.e. twice a year) provided for by our clinic, and adheres to the recommended care program.

3. The patient attends the CORRECTION SESSION PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE with the aim to perfectly adjust bite height for restorations and fillings.

4. Good dental hygiene is maintained and the dental restoration is properly kept clean.

5. The dental restorationis used for its intended purpose and is only exposed to physiologic chewing forces that do not lead to overload of the dental restoration.

6. The dental restoration is not exposed to any traumatic event, bone disease or gum disease.

7. All invoices are settled.

Cases not covered by guarantee:

The patient skips one or more annual check-up examinations.

Improper dental hygiene.

Damages arising from or in connection with failure to obey the advices from the dentist.

Damages arising from or in connection with gum disease.

Damage caused by smoking or consumption of narcotic agent.

Disease of the chewing apparatus arising from or in connection with systemic, infectious or tumorous diseases or the treatment thereof.

Problems arising from or in connection with improper nutrition or other bad habits.

Problems arising from or in connection with psychological or other mental disorders.

Abrupt and large loss of weight of the patient.

Unintended use of the dental restoration, or extreme forces that exceed physiological chewing force and cause increased load to the dental restoration.

Mechanical damage to a removable dental prosthesis (for example, drop of the dental prosthesis, doing combat sport (martial art)), or chemical damage caused by chemical substances (concentrated alcohol, chemicals).

Accidents or consequences of urgent medical interventions performed in relation to accidents.

The affected tooth requires root canal treatment due to previous treatments (filling, crown preparation).

Damage to or loss of temporary crowns, bridges or dental prosthesis.

Failure to report damage to or defect of the dental restoration within two (2) workdays.

Rejection of the implant by the body.

If a treatment is initiated at Clinident but resumed and/or completed at another dentist clinic, or if the completed dental restoration is modified by anyone not acting on behalf of Clinident.

Making a guarantee claim SIMPLY

If the patient experiences any kind of problem in relation to the dental treatment, the patient shall contact our clinic immediately after the treatment.  To be valid, any claim shall be made within forty-eight (48) hours from the initial occurrence of the symptoms.

You can contact our clinic in either of the following ways:

  • From 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM on workdays: in person at our clinic, by phone or by e-mail.

  • Outside the aforementioned opening hours on workdays, or at weekend: by e-mail.

  • Clinident replies to claims at the latest on the next workday after receipt of the claim.

The aim of the guarantee is to ensure that patients are compensated for any problems arising from or in connection with any error made by our dentist clinic and/or the dental technical laboratory. The guarantee, as a legal institution, is formed between the patient and Clinident Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Clinident’) (please refer to the General Terms and Conditions). The guarantee covers only dental treatments performed at Clinident. Clinident reserves the right to amend the guarantee terms and conditions.

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