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In order to make our services as convenient and accessible as possible, we offer a variety of payment methods to settle the invoices issued for dental treatments.

You may choose from the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Debit card, credit card (VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard, AMEX)
  • Healthcare account managed by a health fund

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Use your healthcare account to pay for dental treatments.

Clinident Dental Centre has contractual relationship with all major Hungarian health funds to provide our patients with the possibility to use their healthcare accounts to pay for dental treatments.

  • Allianz Hungária Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár

    (Allianz Hungary Health and Self-Supportive Fund)

  • Generali Egészség-és Önsegélyező Pénztár

    (Generali Health and Self-Supportive Fund)

  • Medicina Egészségpénztár

    (Medicina Health Fund)

  • MKB-Pannónia Egészség-és Önsegélyező pénztár

    (MKB-Pannónia Health and Self-Supportive Fund)

  • Patika Egészségpénztár

    (Patika Health Fund)

  • Prémium Egészségpénztár

    (Prémium Health Fund)

  • OTP Egészségpénztár

    (OTP Health Fund)

  • Quaestor Országos Önkéntes Egészségpénztár

    (Quaestor National Voluntary Health Fund)

  • Tempo Egészség-és Önsegélyező Pénztár

    (Tempo Health and Self-Supportive Fund)

  • Vasutas Egészség- és Önsegélyező Pénztár

    (Vasutas Health and Self-Supportive Fund)

  • Vitamin Egészségpénztár

    (Vitamin Health Fund)

Many of these health funds offer the option to pay for dental treatments by health fund cards issued by them meaning that the patient does not have to pay by cash.

To find out whether your health insurance company is amongst our contracted service providers, please call us at +36 1 801 2250

Health fund card

At the vendors accepting this type or card, this card allows you to pay for the services used directly from your individual health fund account without having to pay by cash or ask for a health fund invoice.

Our clinic is one of these vendors which means that you can pay for dental treatments this way without having to pay by cash and then submit a reimbursement request to the health fund.

At our clinic, the following payments terms apply:

If the treatment does not include any dental technical work, then the fee for the treatment performed at your current visit shall be paid for immediately.

For treatments that include any dental technical work, 50% of the treatment fee shall be paid for upon commencement of the treatment as a prerequisite to forward the job request to the dental technician. The remaining portion shall be paid for upon delivery of the dental restoration. The dental restoration is delivered to the patient only if the relevant invoice is paid for.

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