A vision preceding the final design. This is what we believe in as we create smiles every day.

High-quality designing, digital visual plans instantly…


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    Clinident Dental Center has been operating in the city center, District XIII of Budapest for more than 16 years now! During this period, our patients have given our dentists excellent ‘grades’ not only for their professionalism but also for their empathy.

    We are proud that the quality of our services and the commitment of our team are justified by the satisfaction of those who have chosen us!


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      Fully safe, it is the most gentle and most modern way to recover missing teeth. Our clinic uses Nobel Biocare implants that represent premium quality.

      Zirconium crown

      Zirconium has the most natural effect amongst the crown types known nowadays. A zirconium crown fabricated with excellent quality gives you the possibility to have perfect smile.



      Perfect smile can be achieved through orthodontics invisibly, simply and quickly. Our modern orthodontic procedures allow you to have regular and healthy teeth.

      Smile Design

      The beautiful proper white ‘Hollywood’ smile has become available for everyone. Our clinic works with cutting-edge smile designing procedures.

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