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fogászat 13. kerület, fogorvos választás

Clinident Dental Centre has been operating in Cézár-Ház (unofficial English name: Cesar House) in District XIII of Budapest for more than 15 years now! During this period, our patients have given our dentists excellent ‘grades’ not only for their professionalism but also for their empathy.

We are proud that the quality of our services and the commitment of our team are justified by the satisfaction of those who have chosen us!

A good dentist in the heart of Budapest may be an essential source of help when a dental problem arises. Whether it be caries, construction of a dental restoration or a dental hygienic treatment, the majority of people are committed about and stick to their previous choices, not rarely through a lifetime.

We would like to have a dentist who we can trust and stick to and who sees the patient behind a problematic tooth.

Why is that? Because trust is at least as important as professional knowledge and experience. Many patients are still afraid of dental treatments and majority of them delay necessary check-up examinations due to such fear.

However, an empathic dentist may help a lot to patients to overcome their fear and be positive about regular check-up examinations or necessary treatments.

What is an ideal dentist like?

  • They understand the problems patients may have and always listen to what patients have to say.

  • They perform diagnostics carefully as they know that it is the only way to detect stubbornly hiding sources of problem. Answers to patients′ questions often come in the form of half or truncated ‘does not matter’ sentences or by having another look at an x-ray image. Whichever the case may be, the dentist shall be in control of the situation at all times.

  • Besides pain-free treatments, they shall also believe in the importance of empathy, helpfulness and kindness. Patients′ fear about dentistry often originates from the image of a ‘rigorous dentist’. Luckily, this image is becoming obsolete as the majority of professionals practicing nowadays are aware of the importance of a smile or an encouraging sentence.

  • They consider follow-up actions and dental hygienic education as important parts of their work. The former helps them to stay up to date about the status of patients, while the latter helps them to teach patients correct dental care practices as often as needed.

  • They work in modern environment and with impeccable hygiene. They work with the safest and most modern base materials available currently to achieve success.


If you choose Clinident, you can have an experienced team of dentists working in harmony with each other and you to solve your problems.

Are you having unbearable tooth pain? Are you concerned about your smile not being perfect? Are you looking for a permanent solution to restore a missing tooth?

Whichever the case may be, Clinident offers comprehensive dental services in its all-round and comfortable dental rooms equipped to modern standards. Located in District XIII of Budapest, our dental clinic is continuously developing its already modern range of equipment. Here, dentists with extensive knowledge can help you in finding solution to your problem.

We believe that a proper background and a cooperative team of physicians may overcome even the greatest challenges.

fogászat 13. kerület, fogorvos választás

  • Favourable prices

    You can have the expected quality at favourable prices should you choose us.

    Clinident does not believe in special offers that look great at first but not when it comes to the final result. What we believe in is creating dental restorations to high professional standards at prices that can always be considered favourable.

    We would like to give you best of what we have. This is the reason why it is important for us to provide good value for the money – so that you can be satisfied not only with the price you have paid for the services but also with the quality of our works.

  • High professional standards

    Having been operating for more than 15 years, Clinident’s dentists have treated about 7,800 patients.

    Complex services involved in dentistry and dental surgery require true teamwork – our colleagues have high qualifications and extensive work experience covering the entire spectrum of dentistry and dental surgery. We apply high-standard treatments to solve even the most delicate dental problems.Working in harmony with each other, our team members regularly attend training sessions to stay up to date about the latest trends and treatment opportunities. In each case, our goal is to provide you with the best and most durable solutions to your existing problems.

    We cannot imagine anything more beautiful than the beautiful and healthy teeth in the mouth of the patients who choose us.

  • Pain-free and gentle dental treatments

    Whether it be adult or paediatric dentistry, a dental surgery or implantology intervention, our colleagues always try to treat patients in an atmosphere free from fear. We work with the most modern 21st century local anaesthetic technology to ensure that you do not sense any pain during dental surgery treatments.

  • Short treatment durations

    Our colleagues understand the importance of reasonably reducing treatment durations since you may not wish to spend hours in the dentist chair.

    The work experience of our dentists and dental assistants along with the modern technology they work with help to reduce treatment durations while giving successful results.

  • No waiting time

    If you choose Clinident, you will not have to be waiting much after arrival at the clinic as you will have a specific appointment date and time.

    Opt out of uncertain state-provided dental services and enjoy the convenience of schedulable treatments and stable background.

  • Extensive guarantee

    If you choose Clinident, you will not have to be waiting much after arrival at the clinic as you will have a specific appointment date and time.

    Opt out of uncertain state-provided dental services and enjoy the convenience of schedulable treatments and stable background.

We believe that we do not just solve dental problems but rather treat patients.

fogászat 13. kerület, fogorvos választás

  • Smooth communication

    We believe that proper communication is an integral part of solving dental problems. During the consultation session, we explain our treatment plans in details and in a way you can comprehend and always draw your attention to the most important actions to be done.

    Flexibility, sense of purpose, efficient problem solving.

    If you choose us, we see you as a partner in the medical healing process and provide you with customised answers to your existing problems.


fogászat 13. kerület, fogorvos választás

  • We are easy to approach

    Our dental clinic is located in Cézár-Ház (unofficial English name: Cesar House) in the heart of District XIII of Budapest. We are easy to approach: we are only a few minutes of drive from WestEnd City Center and Váci út (Váci Way) or only 5 minutes of walk from the closest station of M3 (blue) subway line.

    You can easily and quickly find a parking spot around our clinic (please note that parking in public space from 08:30 AM to 06:00 PM on workdays is subject to payment of a parking fee).


Even in frequent places in Budapest can be found good dentists – you just have to choose from the options. We, at Clinident, are proud that many of the patients have eventually chosen us for our expertise and empathic attitude.

We are very pleased to be able to thank our patients for this decision by serving them every single day.

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